Wednesday, September 08, 2010

2010 NFL Predictions

Last year I predicted that Ravens would beat the Falcons in the Super Bowl......yeah, that didn't work out. So I present to you another set of football predictions that are bound to be wrong.

AFC East: NY Jets, New England, Miami,Buffalo,
AFC North: Baltimore, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Cleveland
AFC South: Indianapolis, Houston, Tennessee, Jacksonville
AFC West: San Diego, Denver, Oakland, Kansas City
NFC East: Dallas, Philadelphia, NY Giants, Washington
NFC North: Green Bay, Minnesota, Chicago, Detroit
NFC South: New Orleans, Atlanta, Carolina, Tampa Bay
NFC West: San Francisco, Arizona, Seattle, St. Louis

AFC 1st Round:
Cinncinati def. (4) San Diego
(3) Indianapolis def. (6) Houston

NFC 1st Round::
(5) Philadelphia def. (4) San Francisco
(3) Dallas def. (6) Minnesota

AFC Divisional:
(1) Baltimore def. (5) Cincinnati
(2) NY Jets def. (3) Indianapolis

NFC Divisional:
(1) New Orleans def. (5) Philadelphia
(2) Green Bay def. (3) Dallas

AFC Championship:
(1) Baltimore def. (2)
NY Jets

NFC Championship:
(2) Green Bay def. (1) New Orleans

Super Bowl XLV:
Baltimore def. Green Bay



Blogger Jimmy Braswell said...

You know...I wanted to say something about you being the ulto-homer in predicting the Ravens win EVERY year. But no, I am going to go over your awesome predictions from last year.

AFC East: New England, Miami, NY Jets, Buffalo,


AFC North: Baltimore, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati,Cleveland

Wrong - I couldn't help but notice you put Baltimore first

AFC South: Indianapolis, Houston, Tennessee, Jacksonville

Sort of wrong

AFC West: San Diego, Denver, Oakland, Kansas City

Ok, you were right

NFC East: NY Giants, Philadelphia, Dallas, Washington


NFC North: Green Bay, Chicago, Minnesota, Detroit


NFC South: Atlanta, Carolina, New Orleans, Tampa Bay

Super Bowl Champ is third...wrong

NFC West: Seattle, Arizona, St. Louis, San Francisco

I can't even remember who won this division

Super Bowl XLIV:
Baltimore def. Atlanta

What? Did Atlanta even make the playoffs. Oh, and Baltimore played the Colts...Baltimore can never beat the Colts (yeouch)

Ok...bring on the Redskins bashing

12:30 AM  

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