Monday, June 16, 2008

This helps no cause

I needed to read something funny today, and Stephen Reigle's ode to John Leopold is right up there.

Congrats if you can got past the issues with grammar and tense (and this type of poor writing does nothing to help the conservative movement, but that's another story for another time). But it is amazing to see how deluded John Leopold's supporters are when it comes to trying to glorify his deeds. Let's face it, John Leopold's tenure has been defined by two things: proposed tax hikes and bigger government. Leopold is about as unrepresentative of your average Republican and average taxpayer as you can get.

Reigle's tie-in of Leopold's service in Hawaii is even more absurd when you considered Leopold's tenure as Executive Director of Planned Parenthood Hawaii, the Hawaii Republican Party's dislike of him while he was in the legislature, Leopold quitting the Governor's race in 1978 after securing his party's nomination as he whined of a "lack of support" from the party, and of course his assault on Ronald Reagan's vision for the party when Leopold did serve as a Delegate during the 1980 Republican Convention.

Reigle is a true believer in Leopold, always stepping up to defend him in letters to the editor and what not, but he couldn't be any more wrong in his assessment; Maryland Republicans and taxpayers need no more people like John Leopold representing us. We need leaders out for the benefit of our state and our county, not people like Leopold out for the benefit of themselves.



Blogger bud said...

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Blogger bud said...

BTW, I tried to leave the following comment on that site but it keeps kicking me off:

"Pardon me while I barf. The selective outrage by republicans when it comes to defending Leopold is nauseating. If he were a democrat, you all would be organizing marches on Annapolis. He raises taxes/fees. He supports nanny state legislation. His permit office epitomizes big government. He endorses Al Gore's extremist environmental agenda. Still, you all love him. I guess politics does indeed make for strange bed fellows.

Bud the Blogger "

1:03 PM  
Blogger bud said...


Congratulations for being about the only republican in Maryland not duped by the fraud that is John Leopold.

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