Thursday, January 25, 2007

A Try at Constitutional Subversion on State Circle

I noted in September that California was attempting to undermine the Constitution change the way we elect our President without actually amending the Constitution. Now, such lunacy has been brought to the Maryland General Assembly in the form of HB148. Delegate Hixson and several other Democratic legislators have introduced this bill in an effort to implement this interstate compact that would radically undermine the Electoral College by pledging a state's electoral votes to the winner of the national popular vote.

As I noted in September:
if the proponents of abolishing the Electoral College really want to do this in a legitimate manner, not in a sneaky, underhanded, subversive way, try to pass a Constitutional Amendment. It certainly wouldn't be the first time such an amendment would be introduced in Congress. Clearly, the organizers of this effort have some sort of agenda they are pushing in order to try and subvert our political process in this manner.
Clearly what the proponents have in mind is a way to get around amending the Constitution for whatever political gains they have in mind (though I note that the Republican members of their "Advisory Board" are all Republicans; including 1980 independent anti-Reagan candidate John Anderson and disbarred former Senator David Durenberger, who endorsed Kerry in 2004).

As I have stated before, this is an extremely sketchy way to conduct business with something as important as Presidential Elections...

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