Sunday, November 12, 2006

Where We Go From Here

I think a lot of Republicans aren't sure where we go from here after the results of Tuesday's election. And rightly so. This was a weird election for reasons that you may not exactly notice from the outset.

Successful Democratic challengers like Jim Webb were to the right of the mainstream national Democratic Party. Two gubernatorial pickups, here in Maryland and in Massachusetts, were traditionally Democratic states that had elected Republican governors. A Republican governor retained the governorship in California.

But Democrats only picked up 29 seats in the House and six in the Senate, a smaller number than usually seen in the "six year itch" of Presidencies.

Here in Maryland, we need to have a reality check. It was great having a Republican governor for the last four years, but did the party capitalize on the opportunity that we had? Did we do everything we needed to do to grow registration, win seats in the legislature, and pass a meaningful Republican agenda? We have a net loss of five seats in the House of Delegates and a net loss of one seat in the State Senate, a far cry from the "14/5 plan" that was pushed the last four years.

Now, as we get ready to re-enter the desert, it is time to take a step back and get ready. The time has passed for spending any more time bemoaning the results. We have a long, hard four years ahead of us to do what we need to do to gain seats in the General Assembly, increase voter registration totals, and return a Republican the the Governor's Mansion. We need those people who will do the work who are committed to the Republican agenda and committed to the conservative cause.

There is opportunity in adversity. Let's go to work.

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Blogger Greg Kline said...

I do not think we have to look any further than Anne Arundel county to see the pattern to get Republicans in control in this state. Despite the "anti-Republican headwind coming from Wahsington" we may end up ahead of the game in the county. We know we have one more state sentate seat and the county executive. Clearly, we are doing something right. Just imagine if we had the national environment of 1994 or even 2002.

11:38 AM  
Blogger bud said...

Just how much influence do you think the junior Senator from Anne Arundel County will have? He better not think he's going into the Senate to change the world. If he does, he'll be even less effective than Dwyer.

5:30 PM  
Blogger Lloyd said...

The junior senator from Anne Arundel County will be a great senator for the people of Anne Arundel.

3:35 PM  
Blogger bud said...

The junior Senator will need to show up first of all. If elections are any indication, he may miss quite a few votes. His full time job may get in the way as well. He will have a hard time making any in-roads. He couldn't even unite the elites within the republican party. There are many republicans who can't stand him from the get go. Likewise, democrats aren't likely to find him to their liking. He may be a one and done senator.

3:55 PM  
Blogger Lloyd said...

nah, thankfully we live in a democratic republic instead of an oligarchy. Something I think the junior senator's opponent forgot racking up the endorsements of elitist on both sides and somehow thinking that an endorsement translates into votes and thus victory.

Further, many democrats voted for the junior senator, he couldn't of won otherwise. They'll like what he does, or doesn't do for that matter, in the state senate.

Fortunately, with o'malley at the helm and democrats emboldened by the election results, it may actually be easier for the junior senator to continue to earn our confidence.

4:30 PM  
Blogger Frank Reily said...

Lloyd, Greg, and other great citizens of the 31st District just like you, You have just sent the representation we have in the state house to the political "firing squad". Congrads for making a hen house for the foxes.

The Junior Senator Simonaire and his "Plan": Okay, Nice sounding plan, but it won't happen. He has a better chance of pissing in the wind and missing himself than starting a movement within the state house to lower taxes, on top of keeping a job with a defense contractor, being a father seven children, and listening to the concerns of real citizens, not just businessmen and citizens of highpoint.
A one a done senator? Absolutely. Only winning by 600 votes shows a real weakness. If the opponent started about 1 year prior, Simonaire would have been toast.

Schuh: A man who does what he wants to do regardless of whos trying to sway him. Great quality, but theres also something I don't like that I can't put my finger on. Maybe it will come out in the next four years, maybe never, but as long as he keeps his style, he'll go a long way. A big problem though, He lives off in a secluded island not accessable to the general public to come ask him questions and voice concerns.

Dwyer: Religious Radical who won by 28 votes. Will surely be Simonaire's right-hand man. As a republican, I hate to say this, but I was hoping Cadden would win so we wouldn't get eaten alive in the state house. Enough Said.

Kipke: The most moderate, fair, and personable. This will be the most moderate voice in the state house for the 31st district. This is about the only person their now we can truly expect to fight for what we want as a community. But, its going to be pretty hard for him to do anything in his prediciment.

He is surrounded by 2 religious radicals and a guy who votes on his own merits.

I can just hear it two years from now:
"meus deus quis ego perfectus"

"My god what have i done?"

12:12 AM  

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