Monday, September 12, 2005

Ravens Weak Week 1

The Ravens performance last night was, shall we say, less than satisfactory. A unfortuant combination of dropped balls, untimely penalties, and kicking woes doomed the Ravens last night.

The most unfortunate event of the evening was not the loss, however. The crowd cheered when Kyle Boller injured his foot.

Now, I can understand being frustrated with the play of the team during last night's game. And the frustration with Boller has been well documented over the last several years. But to boo a player when he is injured is just twisted and wrong. This isn't Philadelphia folks. Fans need to be a little classier in the face of adversity.

All is not lost on 2005, however. Remember, if Stover makes the kicks, and if McAlister runs the interception back for a touchdown, and if there was no penalty on B.J. Sams kick return to the 2, this is a different game. Of course, "ifs" do not translate into Super Bowls.

Thankfully, the Ravens play Tennessee next week, and then have a bye to put their house in order. If things don't get fixed in a hurry though, this could be a long year for the purple and black.


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