Monday, April 04, 2005

Play Ball!

Today is Opening Day, the unofficial start of summer. We are forutnate enough to have tickets to today's game, the first time that I am getting the opportunity to go to Opening Day. This Orioles team will finish over .500. Daniel Cabrera and Erik Bedard will have breakout years in their first full seasons as members of the starting rotation. Sammy Sosa hitting fourth or fifth will certainly give opposing pitchers something to think about as an additional run producer. A middle of the order or Mora-Tejada-Sosa-Palmeiro-Lopez is a formidable fivesome in the heart of the lineup.

This Orioles team, at worst, wins 84 or 85 games. At best, this Orioles team could win the Wild-Card. The Yankees are not as good as everybody thinks they are, as the youngest player on the team is 28-year old utilty man
Andy Phillips, who has played all of five games in the big leagues. (By contrast, three members of the Orioles starting rotation are younger than Phillips).

Thank goodness that baseball season is here. We have had steroid talk, steroid hearings, and now a
steroid suspension. It is past time to take it to the field. Play Ball!


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